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Why SongoCPA?

Get the volumes you need without compromising on quality

Songo CPA is a top-rated performance advertising network. Tap into our large, extremely capable and geographically diverse affiliate base to ensure you keep positive ROIs. Plus, our in-house quality assurance technology and on-call team is here to help you continuously improve results!

How Can SongoCPA Help?

SongoCPA has the experience and industry expertise to drive you highly targeted traffic. Our affiliate base is the best-of-the-best. We have the decades of experience in the digital arena. And we’re dedicated to helping you get the results you need.
High Volumes!
Grow your exposure with a
diverse network of hand-picked affiliates from around the world.
Comprehensive Reporting
Gain real-time insights on your top converting users
Pay-Per-Performance Billing Model
You only pay for results!
Professional Campaign Optimization
ROI is what counts. Our team will optimize your campaigns to meet your goals.